The 21st century started with high hopes and dreams of a bright and peaceful future. Sadly, human nature did not change, as many idealists expected and the struggle for control of basic resources such as clean water, food and energy, re-ignited old rivalries and pushed the most powerful nations in the world to be more aggressive as each year passed.

The global financial system that relied on the stability of currencies to be assured by the powerful countries that issued them, took hit after hit as old enemies from the east and the west started to draw their swords once again, not even a generation after a long and terrifying cold war ended. The economic war, waged with sanctions, property and asset seizure and embargos eventually pushed the global economy to shrink, slow down and eventually collapse.

It was no longer possible for central banks to maintain the illusion of actual value in paper money and massive riots and civil unrest followed in most urban areas around the world.

In their greed and despair, by simple incompetence, world leaders used the only tool they fully understood… Militaries all over the world were used to try and bring order in the streets and also to secure vital resources from neighboring countries.

It was not long until the losing sides, in desperation, made use of small, tactical nuclear weapons against the enemy armies. This quickly escalated and in a matter of hours, thousands of nuclear devices went off all around the world. In less than a day, over 90 percent of the global population was obliterated and many centuries of progress and civilization were wiped off…

Only chaos remained in an orgy of global anarchy that turned humans into creatures driven by instinct alone, in the search to fulfill their very basic needs… The Armageddon that we feared for so long, was upon us… all hopes lost and buried by radioactive ruins in our former citadels of humanity and sanctuaries of pride…

But just before our darkest hour, an enigmatic and secretive group known as “The Council”, having anticipated our doom, reached out and layed down a plan for us to follow and be reborn. Providing extremely advanced equipment and guidance to a select few, they made it possible for many beacons of hope to be lit all around the world.

You have been contacted by the Council. Blessed or cursed, it is now your duty to protect what is left of our humanity. You have to guard our principles and moral values. You have to identify shelters and guide us to them. Your duty is to build them up and turn them from a simple roof over our heads, into true Enclaves of civilization in the middle of the lawlessness.

You are our Guardian.


  • Real World game map!

    Play the game with your mobile device in the real world, every location in the game is an actual structure out there that you have to be at, in order to capture or defend!

  • 3 Faction to choose from!

    Each faction has a different ideology. Chose one that fits you best and achieve victory!

  • Raider camps! (NPC)

    Find and destroy small raider camps all over the map.

  • No level cap

    You will never be at “max level”. While all game features are unlocked at level 9, you can keep leveling up indefinitely, gaining more and more power!

  • Dynamic Skill system

    The more you perform a specific action, the better you get at the skills associated with it! Specialize, or be a Jack-Of-All-Trades. We will not tell you what to do, the choice is yours!

  • PvP!

    Engage enemy players or help your allies in combat when you meet with them out in the field!

  • You can craft everything!

    No need to ever get frustrated because you did not get that “drop”. Just craft the item!

  • Territory control

    Plant the flag of your faction and hold it up high! Capture and defend territory in your, and your factions name!

  • Clan system

    Gather your friends and form a clan. Earn the respect of friends and foes by fighting together and gaining group bonuses!

  • Home Base!

    Play the game even if you are at home, by having a unique “Home Base” that you can upgrade, store items at, and benefit from!

  • No Grind! Ever!

    Just play! You never have to farm for resources or grind up your skills as you gain both by just playing the game and having fun!


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